What is a custom designed closet?  Is it all the upgraded features, all the extras, bells and whistles in a closet that you think might not be what you really need? Or is it simply the term which is used to describe how a closet design fits your needs without any wasted space?

At a recent Home Show, I had customers look at our custom closet display and think that the different components of the closet were “modular”. For Smart Space Design, we are custom because we cut the materials and design the closet (or any room) to fit your needs and your space.  Wasted space is not “Smart Space”!

The definition of custom in the case of “custom closets” says, “made specially for individual customers”. That’s what Smart Space Design does, we make each different design specially fit each individual customer. What works for you may not work for the next customer.

Designing a room or space to flow and make the best use of that space can be like saving money and getting more room.  Instead of buying units to put together yourself and try to make fit in your room (your room which is different than anyone else’s room), investing in a professional closet designer can take less time, less effort and in the end , your space will be better organized.  With a designer in the closet or storage business who knows what works and what doesn’t, you won’t waste an inch of wall space.

For most designers in the closet and storage industry, you will find we work with shelving and hanging that is adjustable, another area that creates a custom design.  Rather than have your shelves painted in permanently, having panels that can allow adjustability makes room for everything in any size.  For example, if your ceiling is higher than the standard 8 foot ceiling, you can add an additional top shelf or a wardrobe lift.  Maybe you have some shorter hanging items and it turns out that you have an extra 8 – 12 inches of open space, well, why not add an extra shelf for storage?  All of these ideas are made specially for each individual customer.

There are so many different ideas for saving space in a closet that it’s like you can’t afford NOT to have a custom designed closet!

Custom Closet with a bedroom vanity, adjustable corner shelves, drawers and organized hanging.

Custom Closet with a bedroom vanity, adjustable corner shelves, drawers and organized hanging.