For most people, a dedicated space for a Pantry in your Kitchen can be a luxury.  Kitchen cabinets are useful for dishes, silverware, cookware, you know, those big, heavy items.  But what about the food?   The cans and boxes and bags that we need easy access to?  Well, yes, those are somewhere stacked on top of each other or behind something, essentially just hard to get to until you find a way to organize the space.

Because the Kitchen area is the most widely used room in the house, why not establish an order that is easy to work with and convenient to find everything you are looking for?

At Smart Space Design, we like to utilize movable parts like pullout shelves, wire baskets, pullout trash bins (useful for more than storing garbage – how about dog food?), drawers, adjustable shelves and more.  All of these accessories not only function well, but if designed properly will look stellar in your kitchen or pantry closet.

Take a small wall closet and add some pullout shelves enough to store your cans and smaller items so that they are not stacked on top of each other.  Use a pullout wire basket to store your potatoes, onions, chips, paper towels and other large items.  Add some vertical slot to the design and you can store your cookie sheets, thin casserole dishes and platters.  And you will end up with a small closet that goes a long way with organized storage!

Just imagine what a dedicated walk in space would do for your kitchen Pantry storage.  Wall shelves with a countertop feature for setting items on, room for drawers for small item storage like silverware and more.  Larger drawers could hold your tablecloths, place mats and other linens.  Add baskets and pullout shelves.  Don’t forget the extra like stemmed glassware racks, wine racks, etc.  You can even dress this new room up in an upgraded finish!

Whatever your space, whatever your style, organizing even your smallest space for the most necessary items in your world, will go a long way!

Organized Pantry Shelving

Custom Pantry Organized with baskets, pullout shelves and more.