When we talk about organizing your closet, there can be a myriad of ideas that come to mind.  Is it about picking up, folding and putting away your clothes in a neat and organized manner on one shelf or rod?  Or is it making the best use of your space, be it limited or great, and creating a way of living that gives you a different outlook on life?

Now, organizing a closet can sound overwhelming and at Smart Space Design, we understand that.  Believe it or not, organizing your closet and getting that different outlook on life is easier than most people think.  It’s natural to use any open space available to “put” something away.  But what if that space gets lost?  So does that “something” get lost.  With a set of shelves and maybe drawers next to some double hanging rods, you have just created an organized and much more useful space.  You can easily achieve that in a simple reach in closet found in almost any house in America.

Recently, Smart Space Design was asked to design a space for a 6′ reach in closet that had to include shelves, drawers, hanging and a changing table for a newborn baby.  The room that this closet is in is also small and so making every bit of that space work was very important.  In the end, there are custom fit shelves, drawers, hanging and a changing table, all designed to be adjustable so that when the baby grows, the closet grows with him.  All that in a 6′ standard reach in closet!

Smart closet designs for reach in closets

A reach in closet gets transformed for a nursery room!