Custom Office Layout | Salt Lake City, Utah

Technology today has allowed us to work more efficiently and still be at home, saving time and space. Smart Space Design has found that our custom office cabinets, filing systems and countertops have created that place in your home that you want to go to work in! An organized office is more than just about being productive, it’s about being in an inviting and appealing environment.

Add filing drawers in any size for your documents, pencil drawers for smaller objects and specific locations for your computer(s) to make the most use of your space. Where you used to have multiple tables and chairs, you will find open space to spread out and think clearer!!

If you require extra paper storage in office cabinets, we can design that to make it extra handy. Add slot wall below any upper cabinets and you have a handsome wall covering that is also useful.

As with any plan that Smart Space designs, make your office cabinets stand out with custom door and drawer finishes.