On a recent walk around our neighborhood, I saw a lot of friends and neighbors working in their garages and yards. With their garage doors open, I was able to see the many different ways people store, organize and use their garage shelves and cabinets.

There were custom garage cabinet organizers with tall cabinets on the floor, upper cabinets on the walls, open shelving, workbenches with slot wall or pegboard to store tools, and sometimes, no cabinets at all (which meant there wasn’t room for the cars, just boxes, toys and tools).

This got me thinking, storage and organization is different for everyone. Some people need to be able to see what is on the shelf at a glance, others just know what is on the shelf and would like the shelves to be covered by doors for a neat, tidy look. Since Smart Space Design will design cabinets to fit the space, neither way is right or wrong, it is just what works for the garage and what is required to fit into it and the best use of space.

Smart Space has designed and installed custom garage organizers with all kinds of plans in mind. What we find that our customers love the most about organizing their garages is the ability to have shelves be adjustable to accommodate the variety of things that go into a garage.

I asked a few people, what do you think, cabinet doors or not to use cabinet doors? The answer was a tie, both forms of organization are preferable!

Organized Garage cabinets with doors

Tall storage shelves behind doors.